Monday, March 25, 2013

Retirement Plan Advisor - Reason #7

7. Conduct Ongoing Due Diligence on Service Providers and Investment Managers

The Plan Advisor stays well informed on meaningful developments across a broad spectrum of topics that have the potential to affect the service providers’ ability to deliver quality services (e.g., financial strength, change in ownership/management, and adverse litigation). Due diligence on investment managers entails:
  • studying public information/filings, 
  • shareholder communications, 
  • prospectus/offering circulars, and 
  • annual shareholder reports. 
The Plan Advisor reports any meaningful developments to the fiduciaries, and if necessary, with a recommendation for a prudent course of action.

This article has examined the range of professional services that a Plan Advisor can offer to fiduciaries of an employer-sponsored retirement plan. It is intended to raise awareness on the part of plan fiduciaries of the type of support they could expect by engaging a Plan Advisor. Plan Advisor services are highly customizable. A typical client-advisor relationship begins with a review of the status quo for the plan. The initial review helps establish the client’s goals, set the parameters of the engagement, and prioritize tasks within the project.

To learn all Seven Reasons for Hiring a Dedicated Retirement Plan Advisor, download our full whitepaper.

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