Friday, March 22, 2013

Retirement Plan Advisor - Reason #6

6. Performance Reporting

A comprehensive investment performance report is essential for fiduciaries’ prudent investment decisions. The Plan Advisor generally produces performance reports and makes a presentation to the fiduciaries on a quarterly basis. Performance reports normally include information such as that listed in the table below.

Typical Items Appearing in Performance Reports
  1. An economic/market review.
  2. A status report on any manager replacements, watch list, additions, or terminations.
  3. A ”scorecard” (summary, plus supporting detail) comparing each investment’s performance with the standards in the IPS.
  4. Disclosure of investment-related fees (expense ratios).
  5. Investment profiles or fact sheets.
The following only applies to retirement participant-directed investments:
  1. Dollar amount invested in each investment option, plus percentage of the entire plan.
The following only apply to fiduciary-directed investment portfolios:
  1. The portfolio’s current asset allocation versus the target asset allocation stated in the IPS.
  2. A narrative on portfolio and asset class performance, to identify portfolio components that added to or detracted from overall performance.
  3. A consolidated portfolio performance report in executive summary format.
    • The portfolio’s historical performance versus a custom benchmark index.
    • The performance of broad segments of the portfolio versus relevant indexes.
    • The dollar amounts invested with each manager.
    • An analysis of portfolio risk characteristics using Modern Portfolio Theory conventions.
    • Summary of investment expenses and a liquidity schedule for each manager.
    • Disclosure of each manager’s legal and accounting firms.
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