Monday, April 27, 2020

SBS participant education services: Timely help from a safe distance

The current pandemic environment proves how unpredictable this world can be throughout a person’s career and life. That’s why the value of Strategic Benefit Services’ participant education services cannot be overstated: Being there for our clients’ employees is of paramount importance and a key measure of our success. In addition to our plan level consulting services, we offer a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced educators to assist retirement plan participants. Our salaried team members educate employees, with no conflict of interest.

Recently, our education services provided timely help for the employees at one of our New York City healthcare clients. From morning through evening, our educator hosted 30 personalized one-on-one telephonic meetings to help employees enroll in the retirement plan, update their savings rates and learn about their emergency options under the CARES Act. The employees appreciated being able to briefly escape the medical crisis and speak with an expert. Medical workers on the front line should not have the additional stress of worrying about their retirement account.

While onsite education is our primary approach, our virtual meeting formats have been essential during the COVID-19 pandemic for healthcare, not-for-profit and across all industries. Our virtual formats include individual phone call meetings, video chats and live or recorded group webinars. Individual meetings can be pre-scheduled or ad-hoc and our clients’ employees can reach our educators directly. An easy-to-use online scheduling tool is available to simplify the process for our clients and their employees.

Our educators take pride in assisting with individual account questions and guiding employees with available tools and calculators on retirement readiness and financial wellness. Our educators are sometimes the only people in the financial industry that an employee will meet with throughout their entire career. We are the familiar faces that are available as they start their employment, continue throughout their career and transition to retirement.

At SBS, we will continue to remain best in class in this area of need, whether we’re onsite or meeting virtually. To learn more about our education services, please email us at or call us at (855) 882-9177.

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